Saturday, 18 August 2012

Old Relish Games

Why the human life has childhood?
The simplest answer is “To play”.
Long time after I am writing a blog along with a nice Acoustic Songbook in my ear. Recently I had a conversation with my roomies about the game we played during our childhood. We remember all the game and memory related with these relish games. The most awful thing was we can’t play these games due to bound schedule these days, but we are glad for we played it.
It is always unforgettable who ever played these games. It includes a five actor’s play of “chalak chalanu”, equipped sports like “moi dandiyo” a game of two stick, marble played with “aggal”(a shallow hole in the land like golf), skillful game played with “gariyo”(Top) and “jali”(string use to accelerate top).
When no equipment found that time stone was used to play various games. “nargelio” ,”nav kuki”, and “pachika”. I originally inspired to play “pachika” after reading the story of ‘amu na pachika’ in gujarati subject during school days.
I wish more to say so I will be on ’relish game’ soon on my under fire site.
Sum-Up: Old days always returns beaming smile.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Atul Arvind Makwana

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